Bring your imagination to life in 3D with our revolutionary AI modeling platform.

Overview of 3DPresso

3Dpresso is a platform that allows anyone to easily create 3D models from video, text, or sketches. The AI-powered technology converts inputs into fully textured and customizable 3D models.

How It Works

3Dpresso uses advanced artificial intelligence to transform various inputs into 3D models. Here’s an overview of the main features:

  • Video to 3D – Upload a video and the AI will analyze it to generate a 3D model. It captures shapes, textures, and lighting.
  • Text to 3D – Simply describe what you want to create in words and the AI will generate it.
  • Sketch to 3D – Draw a rough sketch and the AI will turn it into a 3D model, filling in the details.

Once created, models can be customized and downloaded in various file formats. The AI also generates realistic textures for the models.

Key Features and Benefits 3DPresso

  • Easy 3D creation – No 3D modeling expertise required. The AI does the hard work.
  • Customizable models – Adjust the models after creation by adding textures, materials, poses, and more.
  • Realistic details – AI generates textures, lighting, and details to make models look realistic.
  • Downloadable – Export high quality 3D models to use anywhere.
  • Saves time – Create 3D models in minutes instead of hours or days.
  • User-friendly – Intuitive interface makes 3D creation accessible for anyone.

Use Cases and Applications 3DPresso

3Dpresso can be used by:

  • 3D artists – Easily generate models for animations, visualizations, games, VR, and more.
  • Small businesses – Create 3D models of products for online stores without hiring a designer.
  • Students – Generate 3D models for school projects and assignments with ease.
  • Marketing teams – Quickly create 3D models for advertisements, commercials, and digital marketing.
  • Presenters – Make visually engaging 3D models for business presentations.
  • Creators – Bring your imagination to life by creating custom 3D characters, objects, and scenes.

Plans and Pricing

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