ColorMeter camera color picker

ColorMeter camera color picker
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ColorMeter is a user-friendly camera tool designed to help you easily capture and identify colors in your surroundings. With this app, you can conveniently pick live colors and view their RGB components on your screen. It even provides you with the hexadecimal (HTML) color code commonly used in graphic, picture, and photo editors.

The app offers various ways to analyze and select colors:

1. Live Camera View 📷: Simply point the crosshair at different objects in real-time and see the color results on your screen.

2. Snapshot Analysis: Take a picture of an object and analyze its colors in a still image.

3. Gallery Pictures : Load images from your gallery and pick colors from them.

Key Features:

– Live Color Analyzer 🌈: Analyze colors in real-time using your device’s camera.
– Snapshot and Image Analysis 📷: Capture still images and analyze colors from them.
– Gallery Picture Support: Load pictures from your gallery and extract colors.
– White Balance with Undo Function: Adjust white balance with the option to undo changes (long touch).
– Average Window Size Option 📏: Customize the size of the color analysis window.
– Color Palette 🎨: Create your own custom color palette, save, delete, and preview colors.
– Share 📤: Share your color palette using an HTML file.
– Find Closest Color 🔍: Find the closest color match in your palette to the currently selected color.
– Channel Values and Color Models 📊: Access the values for the R-, G-, B- channels and CMY color model.
– Hexadecimal Color Code #️⃣: View the hexadecimal color code for precise color matching.
– Flashlight 🔦
– Preview Colors: Select and freeze colors, preview them in full-screen mode.
– Use Color as Wallpaper: Set the currently selected color as your device’s wallpaper.
– Autofocus Button and Zoom View 🔍: Enhance your color analysis experience with autofocus and zoom options.
– Help ❓: Access helpful information about the app.

Thank you for your interest and hope it can be a valuable tool for you.

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