Preview how you’ll age using advanced AI to transform photos realistically.

Overview of Extrapolate

Extrapolate is a free online tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate realistic predictions of how a person will age over time. It allows users to upload a photo of themselves or someone else and see simulated aging progressions in increments of 10 years up to age 90.

Check out this example to see Extrapolate in action:

Original image: Extrapolate before image

After processing by Extrapolate: Extrapolate after image

How Does Extrapolate Work?

Extrapolate utilizes deep learning algorithms developed by Anthropic to analyze facial features and textures in the uploaded photo. It then makes incremental adjustments to mimic natural aging effects like wrinkles, sagging, and hair graying/thinning. The AI was trained on thousands of actual before and after aging photos to learn realistic transformations.

The process to generate an image is as follows:

First, the user uploads an image onto the website. The website claims that the photo will be automatically deleted after 24 hours.

How Extrapolate works - step 1

We used an image generated by This Person Does Not Exist.

Our original image: How Extrapolate works - step 2

The AI then generates a GIF of the aged images:

How Extrapolate works - step 3

Key Features and Benefits Extrapolate

  • Free to use – No signup required, just upload a photo and generate aging predictions at no cost
  • Privacy-focused – Images are processed locally in the browser and not stored or shared
  • High-quality AI – Leverages state-of-the-art deep learning models built by Anthropic for realistic aging effects
  • Flexible increments – View aging progressions in 10-year increments up to age 90
  • Shareable results – Download the aged photos or share direct URL links

Use Cases and Applications Extrapolate

Extrapolate has many fun and practical use cases:

  • See what your kids might look like when they’re older
  • Get a preview of how aging could impact your appearance for planning purposes
  • Create snapshots for fictional characters aging storylines
  • Make personalized birthday cards showing the recipient at different ages
  • Help visualize what lost loved ones would look like today

Who Is It For?

Extrapolate is useful for:

  • Families and individuals who want to see their future selves
  • Writers, creators, and animators developing aging characters
  • People curious about the aging process and facial morphology
  • Those planning for age-related personal care and medical needs

Plans and Pricing

Extrapolate is 100% free to use with no limits. There are no paid plans or subscriptions.

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