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Overview of IMGCreator

Magic Remover is a free online tool that uses AI to remove backgrounds and unwanted objects from photos. It’s an easy to use background remover and background changer that anyone can use for free without needing complex software like Photoshop.

How Does It Work?

IMGCreator image editor IMGCreator has a convenient editing tool to work on your images.

Magic Remover uses artificial intelligence to analyze a photo and automatically detect and remove the background. Users simply need to upload a photo and use the brush tool to roughly mark the areas they want to remove. The AI will then analyze the photo, detect the foreground and background layers, and remove the background while reconstructing the image behind it.

The tool works best when users erase over the same area repeatedly to help the AI learn what to remove. The more iterations, the better the end result.

IMGCreator’s AI Image Generator

IMGCreator also features an AI image generator with multiple image generation models to choose from.

IMGCreator AI image generator models

And here are some examples generated using IMGCreator:

IMGCreator example images

Key Features and Benefits IMGCreator

  • Free to use with no limits on images
  • Easy to use brush tool to select areas for removal
  • Advanced AI removes backgrounds automatically
  • Reconstructs image behind removed areas
  • Allows downloading edited images up to 720px resolution
  • Works on common use cases like ecommerce, real estate, fashion, and more
  • Completely online so no software needed

Use Cases and Applications IMGCreator

Magic Remover is useful for a variety of use cases:


Remove backgrounds from product photos to make them stand out. Helps highlight products and remove distracting backgrounds.


Cut out models and objects from photos to create collages or isolated images. Remove backgrounds from model photos.

Real Estate

Erase clutter from room photos to stage them virtually. Removes distracting objects from real estate photos.

Photo Cleanup

Retouch old damaged photos by erasing stains, damage, writing, and imperfections.

Watermark Removal

Eliminate watermarks from images by erasing over them.

Solo Product Shots

Isolate objects and products by cutting them out from busy backgrounds or environments.

Who is it For?

Magic Remover is useful for:

  • Ecommerce sellers and online stores
  • Photographers and graphic designers
  • Real estate agents
  • Bloggers and social media influencers
  • Students and hobbyists
  • Small business owners
  • Creative professionals
  • Anyone who needs to edit photos

Plans and Pricing

Magic Remover is currently free to use with no limits. A premium Pro version is coming soon that will allow:

  • Downloading high resolution images
  • Advanced features
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