Niji journey

Bring your anime visions to life with niji・journey’s AI illustration generator

Overview of Niji journey

  • niji・journey is an AI that creates custom anime artworks and illustrations
  • Developed through a collaboration between Spellbrush and Midjourney
  • Currently in beta testing, accessible through an official Discord server
  • Users provide text prompts to generate unique anime images

How It Works

niji・journey uses state-of-the-art AI to turn text prompts into anime images. Here’s a quick overview of how to use it:

  • Join the official Discord server to access niji・journey during the beta
  • Go to any #image-generation channel
  • Type the /imagine command followed by your text prompt
  • This starts a job on the image generation bot
  • Buttons let you upscale (U1 – U4) or create variations (V1-V4) of your images

Key Features and Benefits Niji journey

  • Creates custom anime illustrations from text prompts
  • Advanced AI trained on anime art styles
  • Upscaling and variation features to refine images
  • Produces both anime characters and scenes
  • Ideal for bringing your unique anime visions to life

Use Cases and Applications Niji journey

niji・journey has many potential uses cases, including:

  • Anime fans creating custom characters and scenes
  • Artists and illustrators designing anime concept art
  • Game developers prototyping anime art styles and characters
  • Animators storyboarding anime productions
  • Novelists visualizing descriptions of anime characters and settings

Who Is It For?

niji・journey is for:

  • Anime fans who want to create custom anime artwork
  • Artists, illustrators, and animators looking to enhance their workflows
  • Writers seeking visualizations of anime descriptions
  • Game developers prototyping anime art and characters
  • Anyone who wants to bring their anime visions to life!

Plans and Pricing

Free users have a limited number of generations and once the cap is reached, users will need to subscribe to a paid plan before they can continue.

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