Turn photos into authentic retro pixel art with one click

Overview of Pixelicious

Pixelicious is a web-based tool that converts images like photos and drawings into pixelated pixel art. Users can upload an image or use the drag and drop feature to get started.

The pixel art converter processes the image and generates a downloadable pixel art version. The output pixel art retains the main shapes, colors and composition of the original image in a blocky retro pixel art style.


Key Features and Benefits Pixelicious

The Pixelicious converter works by reducing the number of colors in the image and mapping the remaining colors to a pixel art palette. It also downscales the image resolution to create the signature blocky pixel look.

Some key features and functions of the pixel art converter:

  • Drag and drop image upload
  • Processing generates pixel art in seconds
  • Output image download in PNG format
  • Customizable parameters: palette colors, pixel size
  • Retains main image shapes and composition
  • Creates authentic retro gaming pixel art style

Use Cases and Applications Pixelicious

Turning photos or drawings into pixel art with Pixelicious has many uses:

Retro Video Game Art

Pixel art is commonly used in retro indie and classic video games. The converter can quickly generate character sprites, environment art, icons and other pixel game art.

Pixel Art Posters and Wall Art

Pixelated versions of photos make for fun decorative pixel art to print and hang up.

Avatar and Icon Art

Create a cool pixel avatar for social media and online profiles. Also make pixel icons for websites and apps.

Who Can Benefit from Pixelicious

Pixelicious is useful for:

  • Indie game developers
  • Graphic designers
  • Artists and illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Bloggers and social media creators
  • Crafters and DIYers

Anyone looking to add a retro pixel art style to their images and projects can benefit. The converter makes it fast and easy to pixelate images without artistic skill.

Plans and Pricing

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