RUSTY : Island Survival Pro

RUSTY : Island Survival Pro
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There is a far cry between island survival games. In our, you should build raft and ark in open world first-person view action survival game about a survivor hero on wild tropical Islands. You can play this hyper survive 3d game offline and online!

How did you get to this jungle Island? You should build the raft and explore other Islands and oceans to discover the secrets of this abandoned world.
Hey, did you see a mysterious monster in this green hell forest? Is it a zombie or another survivor adventurer?
Craft weapons, armor and other survivalcraft to survive in your life after on this evil lands.
Your life after is hard, dark days crashed down on you. Look for food, build shelter from monsters, grow plants, craft weapons, tame animals or hunt them just to suvive.
Is it your last day on earth?! Your life after rust weekdays starts now! Let’s survive – survival game adventures have begun!

Grounded rules of survival:

🍌Dont starve
Hunt wild animals and cook their meat on camping fire, craft a fishing rod – ocean is home of free tasty fish, explore green hell forest to gather plants and collect berries. Project island – build a grounded garden bed to grow plants and farm food – it will grow while your survival adventure game offline. Starvation and hunger haunts you in realtime like a wild animal. Are you a hunter or a victim?

💦Thirst is a real danger in island survival games
Explore tropical wilderness to find fresh water. Craft a bucket and boil water from the ocean or build an oven to cook healing juice offline. Stock up fresh water and tropical fruits in chests, don’t drink muck water if you don’t want this day to be your last day on earth.

🔥 Your camp – your ark
Build camping to izurvive the long dark nights. Your shelter for life after should be an ark from lions pride games, packs of wolf, hippopotamus family and mysterious ocean nomad monsters. The true surviror should project island grounded fortifications and construct a hard shelter to protect his part of isle and sirvive long dark nights of this lost, like Bermuda Islands.

Mind of a survivor shouldn’t rust. Study new recipes, craft workbenches, evolve your weapons, armor and building. Don’t stop on crafting stone jurassic axe and spear – craft bone arrows, hard bow or iron machete. Don’t stop on the fireplace for cooking – build the oven to evo your food recipes. Hard survival game man vs wild don’t forgive delays.

Survival Island is a hard simulator survival adventure game offline. You should become a true ocean nomad suvivor and understand how to survive in dark forest, on abandoned island, in green hell of jungles and in ocean that is a home of scary monsters. Project island – build the raft and ark, tame animal, prepare survivalcrafts and make a move to the ocean. Are you the last man on earth or are there other survivors? Don’t left to survive grounded – become an ocean nomad adventure.

🌗 Wild night forest threaten your state of survival in tropic forest
Build a fireplace or craft a torch. These Islands evolve – more long dark nights, more danger for your camping ark. Evolve your spear – don’t give it to rust and be ready to fight for your survival!
Spend your last day on earth making raft and ark in green hell island survival games!


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