SkanApp – AR PDF book scanner

SkanApp - AR PDF book scanner
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Place your smartphone in the Skanstick, available on Amazon and, and enjoy the benefits of scanning naturally, in place.

Having both hands free, enhanced by Augmented Reality buttons, lets you hold and scan stapled documents, folded receipts, books and magazines and even add voice remarks without touching the phone.
With the app’s incredible speed of 400 pages in 10 minutes┬╣, you can declutter your office by scanning all those documents in big three-ring binders and piles of folded receipts quickly and easily.
OCR (100+ languages) is done on the phone, Internet is not required.

With a single click of the button the files can be saved up to five destinations regardless of Internet or Wi-Fi connectivity at the time. As soon as Internet or a particular Wi-Fi network is detected (work, home, etc..) the corresponding files will be transferred to appropriate computers/folders or databases (Smart Personal Cloud / CloudOTG).
As saving the file into different destinations is done by a background process, you can continue scanning without waiting until saving is complete. Or, you can even close SkanApp as soon as you press the Send/Save button to conserve the battery.

The built-in interfaces for Windows PCs and Smart Personal Cloud / CloudOTG storages make it easy to find and download any type of file onto the phone. For the file types other than PDF or JPEG, an appropriate app can be launched.
For example, you can download an .STL file for a 3D printer to generate a JPEG view at a particular angle and insert it into any of the images in the Preview or any of the existing files (JPEG or PDF).

The ability to save files automatically into several destinations follows the Backup 3-2-1 rule – a standard operating procedure for data backup, ensuring that your data is safe and sound against any conceivable problem.

Such versatility/approach requires All Files Access and View All Packages permissions.

SkanApp’s Email service will automatically split large PDF files or groups of JPEG images into several emails with valid attachment sizes.

When used in a hand-held mode, especially outside on a sunny day when on-screen buttons are difficult to see, the SkanApp offers a convenient option to use physical, tactile buttons of your smartphone. Press the Volume Down button to turn on/off the voice notes recording. And use a single and double press on the Volume Up button to take pictures and blast them into the Cloud as JPEG or multipage PDF files.
The Augmented Reality Capture and Cloud buttons can also be activated remotely by any Bluetooth selfie stick, Bluetooth remote shutters and any headphones or audio cables (i.e. Cellet’s Hands-Free Audio Cable, UPC 800768507113) with a Media button.

┬╣ Once scanning is finished, the app can be suspended/paused (Home button), and the long running tasks, such as OCR, will be completed by its background process.
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