Overview of Tafi

Tafi is a company that specializes in creating AI-powered 3D avatars and digital humans. Their technology allows users to easily create customizable 3D characters for games, VR, AR, messaging, social media, and more.

How Tafi’s Technology Works

  • Tafi uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate 3D human models and avatars from just a single photo.
  • Their AI analyzes facial features and proportions to recreate a digital likeness of a person.
  • Users can then customize skin tone, hair, clothing, and accessories on their personalized avatar.
  • The avatars are rigged for animation and compatible with major 3D platforms.

Key Features and Benefits Tafi

  • Photo-realistic avatars – Avatars resemble real people with quality 3D modeling.
  • Customization – Change hair, skin, outfits, and more for unique looks.
  • Animation – Avatars are rigged to be animated and expressive.
  • Compatibility – Works with all major 3D engines like Unity, Unreal, and others.
  • AR & VR ready – Optimized for augmented and virtual reality.
  • AI generation – Quickly create avatars from photos with no 3D modeling skill required.

Use Cases and Applications Tafi

  • Gaming – Avatars for RPGs, MMOs, virtual worlds, and more
  • Social media – Personalized profile avatars and digital identities
  • Virtual events – Attendee avatars for conferences, concerts, etc.
  • AR filters – For platforms like Snapchat and Instagram
  • VR chat – More lifelike avatars for VR social apps
  • Digital fashion – Modeling virtual clothing and accessories

Who Tafi is For

  • Gamers and game developers
  • Social media users and influencers
  • Brands and advertisers
  • AR/VR developers
  • 3D artists and animators
  • Fashion designers and retailers

Plans and Pricing

It’s in Beta phase

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